What is Spot UV?

You may have heard of the term Spot UV.

You have seen Spot UV print and thought what is that!

Spot UV is a term referring to the printing (more specifically coating) of varnish onto paper or cardstock. Cured by UV light (hence the name), the results can be stunning. 

Put onto a select area of the page, Spot UV can be used to highlight an image or text, or simply used to create a pattern or design element.

Predominantly used on business cards and brochure covers, Spot UV allows for a high end, or simply an eye catching and high impact visual. This technique also allows the ability (or illusion) of printing black on black, or white on white etc.

There are a range of options out there when selecting visual and textural elements to your printed collateral, so discuss with your designer or your printer and do a little desktop research.

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